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From: Ken Howchin <>
Subject: Re: Anti SPAM methods
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 20:01:04 +1100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>on 11/20/00 12:24 PM, Steve Linford at wrote:
>> You need to have "Relay for Clients Only" checked. Nobody nowadays can run
>> an open relay on the Internet without getting blacklisted or abused, or
>> both.
>I guess I was very lucky or just much unloved. I had an open relay on my
>server for nearly a year and was never used to relay spam in that time. At
>least not in any way that got me blacklisted anywhere.
>David Muszynski
>Art Director
>Technology Marketing Corp.

Thanks to all who helped with suggestions.

I'll get SIMS 1.8b8 shortly, but meanwhile I seemed to have stopped (or at
least discouraged??) our friends at (using version 1.7) by
checking "Relay for Clients Only" with only my own IP address and my parent
server (is this necessary?), checking "Verify return path" and "use
Blacklist DNS server" (specifying, and put the offending
IP address in the blacklist.

Seems to be working :-)

I got a notification from ORBS about 6 months ago that my server was an
open relay, but didn't really understand what they were on about, and it
didn't seem to be important, so I ignored it, as one does. Not til it
actually affected me (my pocket) did I realise it WAS important, so the
small amount it has cost me in downloads (maybe AUD$20-30 = US$10-15) was
probably worth it in both what I've learnt and in the satisfaction of
knowing that I've now done the "right thing" by other net users.

Similarly to David (above), I have been running an unprotected server for
about 2 years, and I am not aware of not receiving any mail that I was
expecting, no-one seems to have had any trouble sending me anything. I've
never felt so unimportant or insignificant before!! ;-)

Finally, every social group has its bogeymen (bogeypeople?). Everyone looks
pathologically down their noses at someone...  whether we need scapegoats,
or just someone to hate, the urge to ostracise sometimes seems as strong as
the urge to love. No, I'm not excusing them, or even suggesting that we
shouldn't hate or ostracise them, but I reckon they do, in a funny sort of
way, serve a purpose, one that has nothing to do with their commercial
imperatives. They give us something to compare ourselves to, to enable a
continual reassurance of how wonderful we are. They make us feel good about

They're the ones with black hats, the dark side, the unclean... in the
bible it's the Devil, it used to be the Indians in the West, the Nips in
WWII, and in about the only redeeming feature of "Waterworld", Kev called
'em .... Smokers!!!

Urrrgghhh..... smokers??!! ... YUK!!

Bewdie Kev...

And thank you, citizens of SIMSland :-)


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