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From: Tod Fitch <>
Subject: Re: Using SIMS as mobile SMTP Solution
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 09:04:08 -0800
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If I understand your setup, you have a copy of SIMS on your laptop that you are using to send mail with rather than your normal client.

There are two possible configurations you could use on SIMS and they both have problems, or at least potential problems:

1) Configure SIMS to use one of the two network's SMTP servers. The problem here is that SIMS will get the same "cannot relay" response that your email client gets when you are on the other network. This is worse than having your client get the message because it is not directly displayed to you.

2) Configure SIMS to send mail directly to the destination. The problem here is that if you are using a dial up, and if the ISP had entered its dial up lines into the MAPS RBL, then many mail servers will refuse to accept mail from you.

A second problem with both setups is that SIMS runs in the background and unless you run CommuniGator or a web browser to check the output queue, you will not know when the mail has actually been sent so you will not know when it is safe to unplug the computer from the network.

If you can get your email client to work with the location manager this might be your best bet.

At 08:21 AM 1/2/2001 , Mike Ma wrote:

I'm fairly new to SIMS (been using it for 3-4 months) and am brand new to
the list.

A while ago, I read an article on MacFixit that described a problem (and a
solution) that I was also having.

The problem is that if you have a laptop computer and regularly jack into 2
different networks, you will have problems sending Email using an SMTP
server that is not in the current domain.

For example, say my home ISP's mail server is My work domain
is If I try to send email using the myisp server from work
(because that's how I've set up the account in my Email client), I get an
error saying "No Relay" because, as I understand it, the myisp server is
detecting an attempt to send Email using its server from a client on a
remote network.

So, the solution on MacFixit was to use SIMS as a background App (by using
the APPL->APPE utility) setting the SPAM filter to only accept mail from the
local client and setting your Email program to send to your local address
and shutting off POP functionality. This worked fairly well for me, but I
noticed that occasionally, I'd get messages that didnšt seem to get
delivered or got delivered days later.

I finally dug through the Communigator client program and found the "All
Messages" function. Recently, I checked this and found that there were
messages there that were sent a *week* ago...many of them were messages that
were meant to be replies to an urgent question.

My questions are:

1. Are any of you on the list using SIMS in this manner?
2. If so, what settings are you using?
3. Have you ever seen this happen and how did you solve it?

I had SIMS 1.8b installed and have tried 1.7. Neither prevented this
problem. Also, not all messages get stopped from either location (so there
isn't a firewall in place). Messages that got stuck were to different people
(ie. not one person's address was causing a problem). I tried giving more
memory to SIMS and increasing the number of TCP connections allowed for
sending and receiving.

I appreciate any help you guys (and girls) can offer!

Mike Ma.

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