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From: Peter Lalor <>
Subject: Re: SMTP-friendly ISP recommendations [slightly OT]
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 10:08:08 -0800
To: SIMS Discussions <>
From: Daniel Solomons <>

On 1/7/01 10:20 AM, "Paul Hess" <> wrote:

 I'm very tired of my authenticated POP users from Earthlink not being able to
 securely send via my SIMS SMTP server.  As many of you know Earthlink blocks
 this kind of traffic in a commendable effort to avoid spammers, but it also
 makes things harder for me.  The ironic thing is that I recommended Earthlink
 to most of these people since Earthlink was fairly Mac friendly over the

 Can anyone recommend another national access, full service, $20/month or lower
 > ISP who does not do this kind of blocking?

Internet Central shares the same phone numbers as Earthlink (owned by
UUNet), plus we have access through several other large networks - send
email to the autoresponder at for a current list of exchanges
where we have access numbers. Service starts at $15/mo ($15 setup) for
accounts reoughly equivalent to Earthlink's. We are Mac friendly (check my
email headers!), have been in business since 1991/1992, and provide
dedicatedly non-commercial (highest quality) service. You are welcome to
refer people to us, or wholesale in quantities as low as 10.

UUNet has recently--finally--been working to get it's customers to block port 25. Earthlink only recently did, and now, of all UUNet's large customers only MSN does not, and they are expected to implement blocking later this month. This is a Very Good Thing, because UUNet is currently the source of more spam than the next ten backbones combined, primarily from it's dialups.

Why is this germane? Because UUNet may (or may not) get around to requiring that _all_ it's resellers implement port 25 blocking--which I fervently hope that they do--and if/when that occurs you'll be back where you are now.

Port 25 blocking is an annoyance for the relatively few legitimate users that it inconveniences, but until the Net becomes Pleasantville more and more providers and backbones will implement it. And when MSN imminently implements it, there's going to be a flood to other providers who will quickly see the need, filter, and so on.

You need a permanent technical workaround. I don't know what it is, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

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