Mailing List Message #7609
From: Jill Herschman <>
Subject: Abort Received, reason=54 - null@null instead
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 10:25:48 -0800
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
I'll start by apologizing again, this time for the html, very obnoxious, I
know.  I don't think I asked my last question correctly so I'm going to try
again.  Thanks, Bill for your response.

The problem appears to be that all mail received by the server has "Input
Line: MAIL FROM:<>\r" as its return path, which is okay if I want the mail
to just be delivered to the client normally, but not okay if I want it to
bounce, which I absolutely do.  I've read in the archives that this means
that SIMS thinks the message is either a bounce or an auto reply and is
trying to avoid a loop, but it isn't either of those, it's me sending a test
message, and not from the same account every time, and not with the same
mail client, either.  I've pasted the log entry below, everything looks
pretty normal except for that one line, correct?

Thank you for your patience with my beginning skill level.  Anything anybody
can to do help is greatly appreciated.

07:34:20 4 SMTP(tcp) Connection request from [],seq=43,
07:34:20 4 SMTP Line 66 created for answering
07:34:20 4 SMTP-066() Got connection from []
07:34:20 4 SMTP(tcp) Connection accepted from [], seq=43,
07:34:20 4 SMTP-066([]) Sending 220-Stalker Internet Mail Server
V.1.7 is ready.\r\n220 ESMTP is spoken here.\r\n
07:34:21 4 SMTP-066([]) Input Line: HELO\r
07:34:21 4 SMTP-066( Looking for
07:34:21 4 SMTP-066( Sending 250 is pleased to
meet you\r\n
07:34:21 4 SMTP-066( Input Line: MAIL FROM:<>\r
07:34:21 4 SMTP-066( Sending 250 <> sender accepted\r\n
07:34:22 4 SMTP-066( Input Line: RCPT
07:34:22 1 SMTP-066( Recipient '<>'
rejected: user unknown
07:34:22 4 SMTP-066( Sending 550 <> user
07:34:22 4 SMTP-066( Input Line: QUIT\r
07:34:22 4 SMTP-066( Sending 221 closing
07:34:22 4 SMTP-066( Closing
07:34:22 4 SMTP-066( Input Stream ended
07:34:22 4 SMTP disposing line 66

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