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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:18:55 -0500
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Check out autoshare for serving lists. Plus it has a bunch of other useful things that it can do. Not sure of the address to get it but someone on the list must know.

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Thanks to all the people who answered my query.

Including but not limited to those quoted below.

If this letter gets to the list it will mean that the system is woking (i.e. SIMS is allowing relaying
from the client and that web setup worked).

> From: Robin Colgrove <>
> Subject: How to do web-based SIMS setup and admin? (need  server
> software that will block relaying)
> To:
> If anyone can point in the direction of a good, simple how-to on setting
> up web admin of SIMS, I would be most grateful.

> From: Stefan Jeglinski <>
> I'm a little rusty on this, but others will chime in with the missing
> pieces. The first time you log onto to SIMS as an administrator, you
> have to do it with Communigator, because the default number of http
> connections allowed is zero.

this, after some trial and much error I had  eventually surmised.

>  Create a user (on the Mac that runs SIMS)
> called Postmaster, complete with password.

this is where I got stuck,
After starting SIMS, there did not seem to be any interface within SIMS for admin.

> From: Chris <>

> Easiest is... load CommuniGate Client on the same machine as SIMS...

I should have figured this out. I was trying to log in from the laptop sitting right next to the server.
I use these two machines so much I sometimes forget what is running on what. I should have realized that
there might be a difference running the client locally.

> run
> CommuniGator (the client), connect as Postmaster (no password). Go to the
> Services menu, choose HTTP, activate HTTP to the minimum number of
> connections (5). Go to the Users menu choice, open the Postmaster, give
> it a password. Quit CommuniGator.

This seems to work.

> Start your web browser (from any machine that can reach the server via
> TCP/IP, so pretty much anywhere if your SIMS server is on the internet).
> Connect to the SIMS server's address, trailed with ":8010" (no quotes...
> ie: "". You will see an admin welcome page. Click
> the Enter link in the text, it will ask for a username and password.. use
> the postmaster acocunt with the password you assigned. Bingo... you are
> into the web admin.

it works!

> Choose SMTP from the list on the left, make sure Relay for Clients Only
> is checked off (is by default in 1.8b8).

OK, done.
I read the docs on relaying. I usually connect either from the laptop in lab (which gets a dhcp address
of the 10.*.*.* form) or from the same laptop at home which gets a local dhcp address over Airport from
IPNetRouter running on the home server, which in turn gets a dhcp address from MediaOne over cable modem.
This makes it a little complex to know who to allow outbound SMTP relaying from. If I understand the
docs, this should work if I do a POP check-mail within 30 seconds of sending. (If this letter gets
through, this must be at least part way right.)

Is this true?

> If it is... you are now secure.
> Go back to ORBS, and find out how to submit to get off their list.

In SIMS http admin, I see all my users imported but it looks like the lists came through as just ordinary
users. I need to read up on how to do lists, archives, and auto-forwarding in SIMS before I can fully
change over, but this seems to be a promising start.


robin colgrove

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