Mailing List Message #7803
From: Arjen Abbestee <>
Subject: We do not relay....
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 15:43:21 -0800
To: <sims>
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.73 (Macintosh; U; PPC)
I installed SIMS and peformed the setup as described in the guide. It
seems to work fine as long as I send mail from within my domain, no
matter which smtp server I use. But when I sent a mail to my domain from

an external machine I comes right back to me telling me 'we do not
relay'. When mail is sent to my domain I can see a lot of activity in
the SMTP window, my log is filled with pages of errors (for an example
see below)
It seems that the anti spam not only keeps out unwanted users but also
the mail that is meant for my domain....
I have put the IP numbers from all my machines within my domain as well
as the IP number for my domain in the Client Hosts list.
Even when I turn off all the anti-spam options messages sent to my IP
are rejected.
What am I doing wrong?


Part of log file:

117:18:38 3 SMTP-049( Failed to verify. Real
address is []
17:18:38 5 ROUTER Input: piet(
17:18:38 5 ROUTER Parser: -> piet(
17:18:39 5 ROUTER Input: arjen([123.456.789.123])
17:18:39 5 ROUTER Parser: arjen@[123.456.789.123] ->
17:18:39 1 SMTP-049([]) SPAM? Recipient
'<arjen@[123.456.789.123]>' rejected: relaying to [123.456.789.123] is
not allowed
17:18:45 3 POP-073([]) Abort Received, reason=54
17:18:45 3 POP-073([]) Reading Failed. Error Code=-3155.
17:18:45 3 POP-075([]) Abort Received, reason=54
17:18:45 3 POP-074([]) Abort Received, reason=54
17:18:45 3 POP-075([]) Reading Failed. Error Code=-3155.
17:18:45 3 POP-074([]) Reading Failed. Error Code=-3155.

Where 123.456.789.123 is substituted for my real IP number (don't know
who is reading this) and is the local IP of the machine I
run my e-mail client from.

PS: Since my domain name is not registered yet I use my IP address as
domain name. (ie arjen@123.456.789.123). Could this have anything to do
with it?

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