Mailing List Message #7879
From: Joe Sporleder <>
Subject: Advertise AUTH Capability?
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 23:43:33 -0600
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
What exactly is the SMTP option " Advertise AUTH Capability" for receiving
channel options? I am running SIMS 1.8b7 on 3 different machines at 3
different domains, but all hosted as dedicated PPP dial-ups with my ISP, My home server at was unable to send to my ISP
accounts ( Incoming mail from to
worked just fine. The other 2 domains were able to send to ok.

Only outgoing from my domain to seemed to be affected. Outgoing to
other domains appear to be working fine. I run my home server (7200/90, OS
8.6, SIMS 1.8b7, Timbuktu, Macjordomo, IPNetRouter) a little thin on memory,
so I sometimes restart to clear any memory fragmetation. That didn't help. I
noticed that one of the differences between my settings and the other 2
machines (my employer's servers) was that I had " Advertise AUTH Capability"
turned on (I was logged in via the HTML SIMS editor). I unchecked it, and
hit the update button. Then all of the messages qued up to go to
started flowing through. However, when I turned " Advertise AUTH Capability"
option back on, everything to was still going through. So, turning
off caused things to start working, but turning the  Advertise AUTH
Capability back on didn't have the effect of mail to not working
again as I would have expected.

When I looked at the stalled messages in the Que, it sayed they were from
"Null@Null". However, they disappeared from the Que when  Advertise AUTH
Capability was turned off, and showed up in the appropriate POP3 boxes as


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