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From: Leonard Spell <>
Subject: Re: <no subject>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 15:46:57 -0700
To: SIMS <>
On 3/15/01 3:39 PM, "Bill Cole" <> wrote:

> At 5:10 PM -0500 3/15/01, Chris  imposed structure on a stream of
> electrons, yielding:
>>> I host several domains on my Sims Server.  I have routed all the domains -
>>> <*@domain1,2, = *> because there are no duplicate user names.  The
>>> problem is with an auto reply in a sales account which uses domain2.
>>> Whenever the reply goes out it uses  What am I missing?
>>> BTW, do you need to route the own domain?
>> routing is inbound only. Since the auto reply is sent from the server, it
>> carries the domain of the server. All domain mapping that occurs in the
>> router gets ignored for outbound
> Yes and no.
> Routing is done on all mail. All recipient addresses are passed
> through the router whether the mail originated locally or came from
> outside.
> Sender addresses are only passed through the router when mail comes
> from the outside (i.e. the SMTP module) and then only to check if the
> router yields a null, error, or blacklist address.
> Unlike some other MTA's, SIMS does not ever re-write From or To
> headers based on what the router does to envelope addresses.
> So when the mail arrives for, the router converts
> that to <sales> (no domain) which it delivers to the account sales.
> The autoresponder for <sales> uses the server's main domain on what
> it sends, and even if the router did get passed that address, it
> would not come back as a bad address so the mail would be allowed to
> pass.
> If you want to issue autoresponses that don't appear to come from the
> main SIMS domain, you need to use something other than SIMS to
> construct the reply.
Thanks for your reply.  Maybe you can tell me if I am going to get into
trouble with this - but - since I host and route all of the domains, I gave
SIMS the domain that I want replies to go out with.  I tested it and it
worked.  Since I don't understand SIMS fully yet - must it have the domain
name of the machine it is on or will a CNAME work for DNS routing?

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