Mailing List Message #8325
From: Chris <>
Subject: Re: SIMS/AppleTalk/OS X --and Claris E-mailer
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 15:13:04 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
>Here's my tale of woe. I'm a "refugee" Claris Emailer user. For nearly a
>year, I've been using SIMS in conjunction to Claris Emailer (CE) to
>provide a way for my wife to send and receive e-mail from her PowerBook
>Duo 230 and our one Internet connection.

I don't get why you are using SIMS. Wouldn't it be easier to use
something like IPNetRouter, to act as a NAT server, and simply share your
one internet connection with both machines? Then you and your wife can
both talk directly to the internet (and the ISP mail server) over the
same connection.

>The arrangement has been a little klugey, but workable until now. As I am
>in the process of moving up to Mac OS X, I'm going to have to say goodbye
>to CE. To my knowledge there is no way to get CE to communicate with the
>Internet through the Classic Layer of OS X.

Actually, this is not true, there are a number of people on the
Emailer-Talk list that report being able to use Emailer in Classic on
OS-X. I myself did so with some of the beta releases of OSX (but not with
the final, as I have been unable to get classic to run at ALL with OSX
final... and since I don't really like OSX to begin with... I haven't
spent any time debugging it).

>My internal address would be "charlie"; my wife's would be "jan".
>If we sent mail to each other, the mail would go to

How about just putting a listing in your address book for "jan" that has as the email address? I do this all the time with
Claris Emailer to send email between work and home. I have two different
email accounts (mine happen to be from my own domain, but this works with
any email, ISP, free, whatever). And in my address book, I have the name
"Work" and the name "Home" each set with their correct address. When I
want to send email home, I just create a new email, type "HOME" and
Emailer fills in the rest. Same idea to send things to work.

Of course, to get this to work with one internet connection, it assumes
you are running NAT software of some kind (IPNetRouter, Vicom's Internet
Gateway [or what ever it is called] SurfDoubler... whatever). From your
email, I get the idea that really, your ultimate goal is to just share
one internet connection with two computers. As long as they can both see
the internet at the same time... why not let your ISP (or a free mail
server like do the dirty work or transfering email to each
other. If the few seconds delay is too much ( usually has a turn
around time of about 30 seconds), then may I suggest an instant messaging
system like AIM to talk to each other, or if you are in a small enough
house... just yell, that works best for me and my wife :-)



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