Mailing List Message #8370
From: Chris Holloway <>
Subject: Web* to SIMS conversion
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 21:44:40 -0700
To: <SIMS>
How do I convert from a Web* mail server to SIMS. I can export the users
lists and mail and I saw something about using SIMS Account Extractor, but I
can't figure out how that works. You cannot choose the file to extract, you
can't drop the text document on the app, it doesn't appear to have any
controls and no instructions. I saw there is the SIMS loader which requires
the text document to be setup exactly or it bombs it out. I have about 300
accounts with tons of e-mail, I've been hunting everything for this and it
seams the only way is manually. There must be an easier way.

Also the Virtual Domain issue :

Eg router says :
<*> = *-domain1

So should the "account name" or the "real name" be bob-domain1 OR should it
just be bob and the router does the work ?? Little confused on this because
I want my email address to remain the same... Eg :

Thanks in advance... I'm desperate... Web* is just too limiting.

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