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Subject: Re: SIMS Newbie Question
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 11:57:23 -0700
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On 06/12/01 at 08:31, Fernando wrote:

> Hello All,
> Please bear in mind that I am very, very new to the world of mail/web
> servers and am slowly trying to learn as much as I can offline, so as not
> tie up the lines with ridiculous questions. (Hopefully this won't end up
> being one.)
> I have spent the last several hours trying to configure SIMS to work
> properly and best I can tell, I am 90% there. One problem I had was logging
> into my account to access the test messages that I had sent. (Which had
> arrived fine, to my surprise.) Once I figured out that, much like trying to
> access my website from within the LAN, using my www address, was not
> possible, I concluded that the same thing applied to access the mail server.
> Sure enough, I can successfully log in.

Huh? Do you not have name servers (DNS) set up that can be accessed from your

> The one problem left is that I can not actually get the messages down from
> the server, and onto my e-mail client. (Outlook Express 5.02, Macintosh
> Edition.) The log file shows me logging in successfully, but then closes
> out, stating that no messages are in the que. But when I view "All Messages"
> I see all the test messages I've sent through out the day. The log file also
> shows the message arriving without a hitch.

If the messages are still in the 'All Messages' queue, then they have not been
delivered to their destination account. Once a message has been successfully
delivered, the SIMS log should show something like:

23:29:28 2 SYSTEM(POP) [S.0000384669] delivered to (accountname)
23:29:28 2 SYSTEM [S.0000384669] deleted

If all you're seeing is something like:

23:29:28 2 SMTP-186( {S.0000384669} received, 3002 bytes

then the message was accepted from the sending server, but it has not yet been
delivered to its destination account, which is why it is still in the mail
queue, as shown by 'All Messages.'

> I am perplexed. I have ***CAREFULLY*** combed through the documentation, but
> can not spot anything obvious as to what step I missed. Any and all help is
> appreciated.

Is the domain name of the account you're sending to the same as what you've
entered as the 'Internet Domain Name' in SIMS' General settings? If not, do
you have a router entry that tells SIMS to treat the domain name you're
sending to as a local domain? I.e., if the domain name in SIMS' General
settings is '' and you're sending a message to
'', then you need a router entry like: =

to tell SIMS that should be treated as a local domain. If
neither of those is true, then SIMS is probably holding the messages in its
queue while it tries to determine (from DNS) where to deliver them to. If you
don't have DNS working inside your LAN, that would be a problem. Actually, if
you haven't told SIMS (via the router) that the domain you're sending to is
'local,' then you have a problem either way, because if you have DNS working
within the LAN, you'd get a mail loop as SIMS tries to deliver the message to
itself, sees that the recipient is not local, tries to send it to itself
again, etc.

> (As a by-the-way: I can also successfully send out mail via the account I
> configured.)

Unless you're using SMTP-AUTH (probably not), SIMS doesn't associate outgoing
messages with any user account.

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