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Hi there,

I've looked in the log archives and have noticed that this topic has been covered before... but there never seems to have been a satisfactory resolution apart from restarting....

On my server, Communigator shows two error messages, one for SMTP, and one for POP, as below.

11:05:18 1 SMTP(tcp) Listener bind failed. Error Code=-3154
11:05:18 1 POP(tcp) Listener bind failed. Error Code=-3154

This pair of error messages, comes EVERY minute, the whole day - (that's approx 1440 times a day!)

Even after a restart, it goes straight back into it. It still handles mail fine though, but simply because it's still sending mail doesn't mean I don't want to fix it. I don't like leaving messy things hanging around, building up log files etc.

What can I do?

Someone mentioned port numbers... how can you check what port things are running on?

I have SIMS running on two servers.

Server 1:
G3, System 8.6
Also running webserver (WebStar), FTP server, Primary DNS Server, plus other applications.

Server 2:
Quadra 800 (yes really), System 8.1
Also running Secondary DNS Server.

The errors do not happen on Server 2.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


Tim Robinson
Art Director
imagine online

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