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From: Steve Linford <>
Subject: Re: RBL Server Replies
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 22:21:57 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
From Paul Galati, received 31/8/01, 3:30 pm -0400 (GMT):
 Does anyone know the limits on how many characters can be returned to a person
 who sends email through a blacklisted mail server.  For
 they added in quotes "" and that gets
 returned to them in the undeliverable.

 My boss does not like the tone of the link that our legitimate customers are
 getting.  I would like to substitute their link with some of our own text.
 What is the character limitation in doing so?

Best way of doing this is to substitute the actual string Resource in SIMS and then appending different endings to form the address of a web page where you can explain the bounce properly to any customers who may have been bounced. Some time ago I posted a way to do this nicely, the post went like this:

There's only one IP blacklist answer (SIMS Resource STR# 133 string
31). However since the RBL messages (from 'RBL Server List') are
appended to this string you can make the string end with different
results depending on whether the host is in your local IP blacklist
or an RBL.

I had to edit it to give more precise bounce explanations because
there is a comprehension problem with SIMS' "Your host is
blacklisted" message, since 9 out of 10 of users haven't a clue what
a 'host' is or where the message is coming from or who it's talking
to. When someone mailing one of my customers gets bounced because
their ISP has an open relay the first thing they do is call my
customer and say "I sent you a message but it won't go because your
host is blacklisted!" Naturally my customer gets on the phone to me
asking why OUR server is on a blacklist... and it goes round in

So I edited SIMS Resource STR# 133 string 31 to say:

The mail server you are sending from is listed on an international
Blacklist. See

Then I made 4 pages on my web server:

In SIMS 'RBL Server List' I put: "/maps-rss.html" "/maps-rbl.html" "/maps-dul.html"

So now a local IP blacklist hit just returns the string which ends
with the "/blacklisted" folder - so it automatically loads the
"index.html" page explaining (and showing) our local IP blacklist.
While hits on external RBLs return pages explaining what they are and
what to do about it. Since then I haven't had any more problems with
customers not understanding what's blacklisted.

  Steve Linford
  Ultradesign Xtreme Network
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