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From: Global Homes Webmaster <>
Subject: Re: My listserver is listed by inputs.orbs.orgs
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 14:14:51 -0700
To: <>
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On 09/14/01 at 13:34, Max Garfield wrote:

> Hi,
>   I manage a listserver with SIMS & Macjordomo, and recently I started
>   to receive the following bounces:
>   > Failed to deliver your message to
>   > SMTP: Address rejected by host
>   > Host '' says:
>   > 554 Service unavailable; [] blocked using
>   >
>   I'm astonished with this, because the machine isn't even visible from
>   outside of my network (port 25 is blocked at the firewall level, and
>   mail is received via a secondary MX), and SIMS is configured to only
>   accept messages from its own IP (ie. "Relay for clients only" is
>   checked and the only IP listed in "Client Hosts" is the fixed IP
>   address assigned to this machine).

ORBS has been known to blacklist hosts solely on the basis of their relay
tests being blocked. That's one reason why I've always declined to use the
ORBS list. Their reasoning seems to be that if you're not a spammer you should
be only too happy to let them 'clear' you of being an open relay, so you
shouldn't be blocking their tests, so if you _are_ blocking their tests,
you're probably a spammer and you should be blacklisted just to be safe.
Paranoia strikes deep, no? Anyway, the fine folks at ORBS may consider the
port 25 block at your firewall to be sufficient reason to blacklist your

>   I'm absolutely certain that no spam has been sent from (or through)
>   my listserver, so I can't understand how its IP number has been
>   caught by ORBS. RBCheck (at <
>   rbcheck.cgi> says that my IP address is not listed at any of the
>   most known databases.

It's possible that someone on one of your mailing lists (perhaps someone who
didn't know or had forgotten that they were subscribed to the list?) thought
that a list message was spam and reported your server to ORBS.

>   I have no idea how can I get my server out of the ''
>   database, since the '' website shows just a line saying
>   that "Due to circumstances beyond our control the ORBS website is
>   no longer available".
>   Can you help me about this, please?
>   Many thanks in advance.
>                                                         Max

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