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????: SIMS queue bogging down
????: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 16:23:23 -0700
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Hi all,

I've set up a new SIMS server to replace an EIMS installation. I promised wonders for SIMS, and true to Murphy's Law, something weird has cropped up.

Outgoing mail keeps getting stuck in the queue. I thought at first it was just mail with bad addresses that was getting delayed. but it seems as if SIMS starts a transaction thread with another server and..starts...going...really...slow. I can see the SMTP monitor has multiple server transactions slowly updating in Communigatorg at snail-speed.

Not all transactions are really slow...some messages are getting delivered ASAP.

This is an iMac running system 9.1, and latest SIMS beta v1.8b8. I've just installed a new system folder to make sure there was no corruption, which hasn't helped.

The server is behind a NAT firewall. It's apparent external address is, and it responds to telnet requests at port 110 and 25 fairly promptly.

The server is on a T-1 line with at least 384k bandwidth. When I look at the log files via a browser from a remote location, it's taking a long time to bring them up. Probably the longest I've ever seen a SIMS server take to do this.

In the queue, there are about 35 messages currently, almost all of which are 'transmitting', meaning I guess that the server is trying to send them currently.

I'm starting to think perhaps a hardware issue, like a bad ethernet card might be the culprit. But, if so why do just some messages get delayed and others go out right away?

The reverse IP lookup and DNS entries seem to be correct as well.

TIA for any help given.

Todd Reed

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