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From: Todd Reed <>
Subject: protocol timeouts
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 16:34:54 -0700
To: <>
Howdy all,

A SIMS server I administer is attempting to deliver messages outbound and having lots of communication failure errors. In Communigator, I see SIMS has open as many threads as I've allowed in the SMTP prefs, but they are updating really slowly or not at all.

The connections with foreign mail server seem to time out frequently. This doesn't occur universally, but with several large providers, most notably aol. I'd say 80% of the queued messages are for aol.

I can turn down the rejection of failed messages to immediately and that takes care of the queued up messages, but doesn't resolve the problem.

Inbound works great. I tried setting the smtp deliver to go via our upstream provider's mail server, but that seemed to bollix up as well.

I don't see any obvious reason for this. The DNS name and reverse lookup are okay. If anyone has seen anything similar, or has any suggestions for things to check out, that would be very helpful.



Todd Reed

Macintosh Consulting Services
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