Mailing List Message #9127
From: Jerry Roberts <>
Subject: Newbie questions. Need advice on this.
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 08:18:07 -0700
To: <sims>


Pardon my ignorance of such affairs but I have no idea of how to set my
little company up for e-mail, and I need to know if this is the product.
Perhaps somebody can answer my post off-list so as not to clog the pipeline
with things the rest of you have already gone through.

We have eight people in our company in one location, and one off-site. All
run PowerPC Macs, either Apple or Umax models. Right now we run our office
ethernet through an 8-port hub, and into a printer. Not everybody uses file
sharing because there is little need for it.

We currently draw our mail from a web browser, everybody taking their turns
to dial into their Yahoo account or whatever they have. It's antiquated, but
doesn't make us crash and burn either. People would rather do that than get
into an app that drives us nuts.

I would like to find a reasonable product that would allow for the

-- all staffers to be able to send and receive e-mail from their desktop

-- the offsite person to be able to dial in to the server somehow and get
their mail.

-- ability to receive attachments.

-- be able to send to a mass list (we do legitimate direct mail, not spam,
to our clients), perhaps including attachments.

-- have facility to filter mail and set rules.

-- we would be able to get off of Yahoo and the others, setting up the mail

1. Am I correct that SIMS is NOT the actual client, that we would use Eudora
or something else (which is fine with me --it's free after all)?

2. Is this simple enough for a company with NO tech on staff to handle?

3. Is this done through their Ethernet connection, which is then connected
up to the modem -- or what?  Pardon this question if it seems dumb -- but I
don't really have any idea how this is configured. We currently just have a
modem hooked up to one box and dial up from there.

4. What kind of connection do I need? We're currently running a 33.6 modem,
but I can easily go to 56K. It's probably rare when two or more people will
be using the connection at the same time.

5. Do we need a separate computer just for this purpose, or can it run from
say, the office manager's station?

6. In addition to all this, we would hope to be able to have the Internet
available to most desktops at some point in the near future. I realize this
will probably require a DSL or Cable line. Can I run the same system if we
upgrade to broadband?

I need somebody to hopefully hand hold a bit with us here, to tell us what
hardware we will need, what software, and how to make it as painless as
possible. We don't want to get fancy, just to be able to send and receive
basic mail and attachments at our individual desks. Again, we have no tech
on staff.

Denzel Washington made a certain phrase famous in the movie "Philadelphia",
and it applies here..."Explain this to me like I was a three year-old."

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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