Mailing List Message #9503
From: George Macomber <>
Subject: 1.8b8 Crashes
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 17:03:03 -0800
To: <sims>
I recently tried to upgrade to 1.8b8 on a Quadra 950 OS 7.6.1 and otp 1.1.2
but it crashes during launch with the "SIMS unimplemented trap" I have been
running 1.7 since January. I am also running IPNetRouter, LocalTalk Bridge,
and NonSequitur.

I tried it on my server backup a IIFx with a copy of the System folder from
the Quadra and the other apps not running and no SIMS folder in the system
folder. It created the SIMS folder and started a log file.

12:08:13 0 SYSTEM Opening a new log file on November 06, 2001
12:08:13 0 SYSTEM Server  started
12:08:14 4 SMTP Got new Local IP addresses, n=1: [],
[], []
12:08:14 2 SMTP RCPT/AUTH failure counter list created, ttl=600, c1=5, c2=5
12:08:14 2 SMTP TempBanned list created, ttl=1200
 And Crashed as before.

I tried again on the IIfx with a fresh install of OS 7.6.1 and otp 1.1.2
only with about the same result. I say about because in this case the log
file was blank.

I want to upgrade because I need the .smtp router directive to act as a
secondary. I would like to keep compatibility with the IIfx as a backup
since I need 5 Ethernet ports and I have the nubus NIC cards.

I would try an intermediate version but I don't have any so a link to an
archive might help .smtp was implemented in 1.8b3.

W George Macomber      Seawell MicroSystems Inc.

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