Mailing List Message #9572
From: Lyle D. Gunderson <>
Subject: Re: Auto-ticking checkboxes (Was: Secondary mail server redux)
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 08:13:43 -0800
To: <sims>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
This was an amazingly valuable little nugget! I had no idea you could
stick javascript in the location, hit return, and have it run. But it
gets *better*:

You can stick the javascript in a *bookmark!* (At least in iCab). Just
select the bookmark, and all the checkboxes get checked. Yow.

So now I'm thinking of all the other forms I have to fill out with the
same information over and over...

Thanks so much for passing this along to us! Good on ya, Terry!

(All those checkboxes in the log list are still the coolest application
of this concept, though...)


On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 18:53:43, Terry Allen <> is alleged
to have written:

>Hi again,
> Someone who subscribes to the WebTen list noticed I am also
>subscribed the the SIMS list & sent this to me - some admins will enjoy it
>I'm sure.
>Message begins
>>Hi there - I see that as well as being on the WebTen list you are also on
>>the SIMS list, which I am not.  I've just put together a quick Javascript
>>for the SIMS web admin system & thought it might be useful to others, so
>>maybe you could forward this to the SIMS list:
>>I get very tired of having to select all the checkboxes when I want to
>>delete a couple of months worth of logs via the SIMS web admin pages, so I
>>wrote a javascript to do this for me.  I hardly ever use js, so I'm
>>feeling quite pleased with myself that it works at all!  (There are
>>probably better ways of doing this and my syntax may not be 100% correct -
>>but, hey, it works for me.)
>>All that you need to do is paste it into the browser's location field and
>>hit return.  It should tick all the checkboxes on the page.
>javascript:var theform = window.frames[1].document.forms[0];
>var counter = 0;
>while (theform.elements[counter]) {
>if (theform.elements[counter].type == 'checkbox')
>theform.elements[counter].checked = true;
>return false;
>>I've tested it on iCab (2.6) and Mac IE 4.5,  but for IE 4.5 you need to
>>remove the last line (return false;) or else it complains.  iCab needs the
>>'return false' or it will write the value of the variable 'counter' to the
>>Best regards,
>>James Harvard
><message ends.
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