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From: Jeff Folk <>
Subject: Re: RBL list
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 09:38:04 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
on 11/15/01 7:09 AM, Stonewall Ballard wisely articulated:

> At 7:29 AM -0500 11/15/01, Bill Cole wrote:
>> Beware: there is also massive collateral damage in the other lists
>> rolled into the top-level zone. Despite the name, the 'relays' zone
>> is far more than just relays and Joe has recently added the
>> 'Openlists' list to it, causing *huge* collateral damage. If you use
>> that zone, it is ESSENTIAL that you use a current SIMS which can
>> differentiate between return values and choose your blocking that
>> way. Joe could well add other new lists into the zone without notice
>> and if you have 127.* in your blacklist you would automatically use
>> those.
> What return value is associated with the "Openlists" list?
From the website:

How are the entries stored at
The DNS addressing is as follows:
For a given address, a.b.c.d will return one of the following values if a
dns lookup of is performed.                  Verified Open Relay
A verified open relay in most cases is handled by other relay blocklist
servers, and imported into the Zone file.                  Dialup Spam Source
Dialup Spam Sources are imported into the Zone file from other sources and
some known sources are manually added to the local include file.                  Confirmed Spam Source
A site has been identified as a constant source of spam, and is manually
added.  Submissions for this type of spam require multiple nominations from
multiple sites.                  Smart Host (In progress)
A Smart host is a site determined to be secure, but relays for those who are
not, defeating one level of security.  When this is ready, it will be
labeled .  NOTE:  I strongly discourage using outputs
due to it being way too effective to be useful.                  A Spamware software developer or spamvertized
site.  This information will automatically be maintained by shortly.                  A list server that automatically opts users in
without confirmation                  An insecure formmail.cgi script.  (Planned)                  Open proxy servers

You just put the corresponding 127.0.0.x into your local blacklist.


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