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Each one seperately. You probably want a slightly more complex mapping if I understand your actual need here...

I failed to mention that I want to be able to access all of the mail from all the domains with my postmaster account

So you have 75 domains, but only one real mailbox? This is all possible in the router with 75 lines of this form:

<*@a.com> = postmaster

For a situation like yours where you want all mail for all domains handled by SIMS to land in a single mailbox, it is completely out of the question.
Bill Cole

I'm sorry, coming from Web* where you just have to enter the domain and pm account, I'm having a hard time trying to get this straight. I do have a few customer accounts, but I figure if I get all the virtual accounts up then I'll worry about the cust accts next.
You first say it's possible with 75 lines, then at the end you say it's out of the question with SIMS.  Or did you mean it was out of the question for SIMS to be like the other MTA's?
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