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From: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Subject: Re: What does this mean?
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 12:30:35 +0300
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On Thu, Jan 3, 2002, 21:45:07 GMT
  Christian F Buser, <> wrote:

>I just wanted to start the new SIMS mail server, but I always get these
>22:14:02 0 SYSTEM Server started
>22:14:02 0 SYSTEM Panic message: Cannot initialize the Resident
>Dispatcher.\rError Code = 0
>22:14:02 0 SYSTEM Server aborted
>22:14:02 0 SYSTEM Server shuts down
>I couldn't find this in the docs (or I just didn't see it?).
>SIMS 1.8b8, PPC-version, MacOS 9.1, Beige G3-Powermac.
>Any ideas welcome.

SIMS fails to initialize OpenTransport.

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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